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Think Local in 2024

10 reasons you should think local:

1. Local Economy - FACT - Local spend boosts the local economy, creates local jobs

2. Local Environment - FACT - Less travelling, less packaging, less fuel = less carbon emissions

3. Local Community - FACT - Local businesses support other local businesses - the sandwich shop, the local shops, the coffee shops etc

4. Local Taxes - local businesses pay their fare share of tax, rent, council tax, insurance & income tax - Not everyone can say that

5. Personal Service - SAY NO MORE! - HOS has 100+ years of office/educational products experience within the staff

6. Customer Service - At HOS we pride ourselves on our fantastic customer service - in  nutshell WE CARE!

7. Flexibility - Need something in a hurry? We always try to help and go that one step further

8. Quality every time - We care about the quality of products we supply ensuring you get products of the highest quality

9. Delivery - Our drivers get to know where you want your goods - want your order taking to the staff room? You got it

10. Feel good factor - We all know it is best to shop local, so why not give it a try? You will feel better for it